YouTube’s Playables Joins Gaming Push With Over 75 Free Games For Everyone

Streaming service first, gaming platform second. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Netflix has added gaming to its catalogue, as it continues to diversify its offerings. YouTube is the latest to join the push for gaming initiatives, rolling out its Playables programme across mobile and desktop.

YouTube Playables

Previously a YouTube Premium exclusive, the feature is now open to all users. There are over 75 free-to-play titles available, marking a big jump from its initial phase, from chess and crossword games to casual mobile experiences like Cut the Rope, Angry Birds Showdown!, and Trivia Crack.

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To play, simply access Playables via the sidebar on the Android / iOS app or the main YouTube website. The platform will allow players to save their progress and keep track of high scores, but access is limited for now — the company said in an official blog post that they are “widening availability to more users over the coming months”.

The programme has yet to launch in Singapore, so users will just have to wait. Apart from YouTube, other notable tech companies with their own selection of casual games include The New York Times, LinkedIn, and as previously mentioned, Netflix.