At the recent concluded Tokyo Game Show, Geek Culture caught up with the narrative director of Call of Duty: WWII, Scott Whitney, to learn more about the story campaign.

But before we started, I will have to admit that up till this point, I was thinking, “Isn’t it going to be just like any other military shooter?”. After the presentation, I threw out that notion in an instant.

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Developer Sledgehammer Games claims that for this iteration, they are bringing Call of Duty back to its roots – not just in terms of the time period, but also the feel and gameplay experience.

That’s right. No more space battles, or laser weapons. But keep the zombies please, because who hates zombies?

Here are three reasons this new instalment of Call of Duty is going to be something special.

[#1] Epic Story Campaign

With the Story campaign, the developers saw a tremendous opportunity to bring the events World War II to a whole new generation of players, and at the same time, honour the sacrifices of the millions of people who were swept up in the global conflict.

“For the story campaign mode, we wanted to deliver a gripping cinematic experience that also honours the history of WWII,” says Whitney.

“We felt a very strong and special sense of obligation to be as authentic as possible, to deliver an unfiltered take on the war, the good, and the bad.”

Scott Whitney, Narrative Director, Sledgehammer Games

The Campaign focuses on the most iconic section of the war, from 1944 to 1945, beginning with June 6th on D-Day, and extending through to the end of the war where the Allies pushed to the heart of Germany. Following a single American platoon, known as the 1st Infantry Division, the player goes on an incredible journey from Omaha Beach, to the heart of Germany. According to Whitney, there will be a cast of diverse and multi-national characters who will fight alongside the player throughout the journey.

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As for the main character of the story, it is a journey of personal growth. He begins as a man seeking glory but finds something more important where he risks everything to save his friends. Along the way, he comes to learn the true meaning of heroism and brotherhood.

Here’s the recently released story trailer.

[#2] New Multiplayer Modes Galore

Over the past iterations of Call of Duty, the sci-fi and modern shooter mechanics didn’t seem to resonate very well with gamers. So this time the developers are returning to “boots-on-the-ground” gameplay, which involves the classic move set that defined the franchise back in the day. That means it’s goodbye to exosuits, wall jumping and wall running.

And here’s a little more on the various new multiplayer modes:

  • Divisions – a new loadout selection mode where players can choose 1 of 5 divisions comprising of Infantry, Airborne, Armored, Mountain and Expeditionary.
  • War – a brand new objective based co-op multiplayer mode.
  • Headquarters – acts as a social hub of sorts, where up to 48 players can be in the Headquarters at one time, to do all sorts of activities such as the firing range and even 1v1 duels.

[#3] Scariest Nazi Zombies Ever!

Since Sledgehammer Games was founded by the same folks who gave us the original and critically acclaimed Dead Space game, the game already comes with a level of pedigree. As shared previously by Michael Condrey, co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, the zombie mode this year will be similar to Dead Space.

Whitney refers this mode as, “one of the scariest zombie modes in Call of Duty history.” That’s all I needed to hear.

If you love zombies (like me), you’ll love this trailer reveal. I know I did, and this alone was enough to convince me to grab this game on Day 1!

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