TGS 2016: EVO Japan Slated for January 2018

Fresh out of Tokyo Game Show 2016 week, the folks from the Evolution Championship Series (arguably the world’s biggest fighting game tournament) have made some big announcements regarding its overseas offshoot dubbed EVO Japan.

Let’s start with the actual date: EVO Japan will be slated for January 2018 according to a tweet by EVO business development rep Mark “Markman” Julio. The reason it’s not next year is because the organization wants to give its audience and its participants “time to plan & save for this NEW event”.

This new fighting game tournament venture (that’s established as a legal Japan business called EVO Japan LLC) is so hyped up that there are big names and corporations backing it with a total of US$1 million. According to Pvplive.net (via 4Gamer), these investors are Hearts United Group, Aetas (the owners of 4Gamer FYI, hence them getting the exclusive), and Shochiku Broadcasting. SRKX Productions, which is EVO US’ parent company, is partnering up with Aetas to put on EVO Japan.

(from left to right: Hiroaki Inaba of GODSGARDEN, Justin Wong, Mark “Markman” Julio, Joey Cuellar of EVO, Daigo Umehara, and Toyoda & Hameko of TOPANGA League fame)

It’ll be a long way until an actual schedule, a location, and a list of games will be confirmed. But hey, this will give all you fighting game fans here in Singapore a chance to plan for a trip down Japan at the start of 2018. It’s sure as hell going to be a lot affordable than flying down to Las Vegas in the middle of the year, anyway.