LEGO Icons 10338 Transformers Bumblebee That Transforms – First Looks

When compared to the original LEGO Optimus Prime release, the LEGO Icons 10338 Transformers Bumblebee is a simpler affair.

lego bumblebee

Possessing the ability to transform into his iconic Volkswagen Beetle alternate vehicle mode, the LEGO Bumblebee build also features a unique head sculpt that looks to be one complete piece. The earlier Optimus Prime set featured a head that was assembled with LEGO pieces and was a hit or miss with the fans.

lego bumblebee
Check out the Goldbug easter egg!

Regardless, it’s awesome that Hasbro and LEGO are continuing this collaboration and hopefully we can expect the entire class of 1986 to roll out on the shelves as well.

The LEGO Icons 10338 Transformers Bumblebee should be available globally from 1 July 2024 at the retail price of US$89.99.