Hello ROG Ally Handheld Console, Goodbye Steam Deck

Having difficulty getting hold of a Steam Deck all this while? Or were the prices just way too expensive to justify the purchase? Well, it looks like ASUS has just announced ROG’s first handheld gaming console, the ROG Ally.

Seeing how this was unveiled on April Fool’s Day, many are thinking it is simply an intricate joke. After all, over the years, brands have gone all out with amazingly intricate and detailed videos of their annual April Fool’s jokes. Even videos of such high production values, down to the convincing UI of the handheld console and even the various playable titles on it.

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Who knows, ROG might be using this as a test bed to gauge user interest, and making it a reality in the very near future if it garners enough hype.

Best of all, it is running on Windows OS, which means we can play games well beyond Steam, and even on Epic Games Store, EA, Battle.net, GOG and pretty much anything you can throw at it. The possibilities are endless! The only questions will be the battery life, the amount of heat it generates, and at what price.

ROG, please make it so!