The ROG Ally Pushes The Boundaries For Gaming Handheld Consoles

If there’s one thing ASUS ROG will do, it’s innovating products that offer an exceptional experience for gamers so it’s no surprise that the tech brand has created its first-ever gaming handheld, the ROG Ally.

The Ally is everything consumers will want in a gaming handheld device. It has stunning visuals and performance, a compact design and lastly, it is light so that you can game on the go.


The device runs on Windows 11 and is powered by AMD Z1 Extreme APU, 16GB of 6400MHz LPDDRG DRAM, and an ultra-fast PCle Gen 4 SSD. It also boasts a Full HD 120Hz high-refresh-rate display with Adaptive Sync and ROG’s Zero Gravity thermal system. This means you can run AAA and Indie Games on the Ally and still enjoy smooth and tear-free visuals. You’re pretty much handling a PC in your hand, but it’s small and portable instead.

Weighing at just 608g, the Ally is comfortable to hold during extended gaming sessions and can easily be brought with you on your travels, or in your everyday bag without necessarily adding any extra weight. It also features curved handles that are moulded to fit the natural shape of a hand grip so it is comfortable and secure to hold. The device’s chassis is made out of reinforced white polycarbonate too (no, it’s not painted white) so it’s lightweight, durable and able to withstand everyday use.


A feature that some gamers might enjoy is that the Ally can be transformed into a couch gaming device. All you have to do is connect it to a TV and pair it with multiple controllers and enjoy your favourite games on the big screen.

Something we’re sure that gamers will definitely love is that the Ally is not limited to one library. The Ally is compatible with multiple gaming platforms including Steam, XBOX Game Pass, Epic, GOG and more. You can play all your favourite games no matter where you buy them, anywhere and anytime.

Pricing and pre-order promo for the ROG Ally will be revealed in early June. Check out our first impressions of the ROG Ally above.