‘Monster Hunter Wilds’ Unleashes Cross-Platform Play & New Monster Balahara

Capcom has made an exciting announcement regarding the integration of cross-platform play in their upcoming game, Monster Hunter Wilds.

The game will allow players on PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S to match and play together, enhancing the gaming experience by fostering greater connectivity. Capcom shared this development along with a new trailer at the Summer Game Fest 2024, heightening anticipation for the game’s release.

The developers, however, have clarified that while crossplay will be supported, cross-save functionality will not be available. This means players cannot share saved data, including game progress and paid DLC, across different platforms. This decision, as explained by Capcom, is due to the separate management of save data by each platform.

Despite the absence of cross-save in Monster Hunter Wilds, the ability to toggle crossplay on and off in the game settings, and to add friends across platforms, remains a significant draw for the community. Capcom assures fans that more details will be shared in the future, though they caution that features could still change as the game remains in development.

Monster Hunter Wilds
Key Visual

Capcom’s Monster Hunter Wilds promises to deliver a rich narrative and immersive gameplay, continuing the legacy of its predecessors. The game features a dynamic environment known as the Forbidden Lands, where players encounter a diverse array of creatures that influence the ecosystem. This setup aims to provide a seamless blend of story and action, maintaining the series’ tradition of deep engagement and strategic gameplay.

The game’s key visuals and trailers introduce players to new monsters like the Balahara and settings like the Windward Plains, emphasising the evolving challenges and adventures that await. These elements, combined with Capcom’s commitment to maintaining the high standards of the Monster Hunter series, suggest that Monster Hunter Wilds will be a significant addition to the franchise.

New Monster Balahara

Capcom also revealed that Monster Hunter Wilds‘ next major update would be announced at Gamescom Opening Night Live 2024 in August, with a playable experience available at the event. This move indicates Capcom’s strategy to keep the momentum going and engage with the gaming community directly.

Overall, Monster Hunter Wilds is shaping up to be a pivotal release for Capcom in 2025, promising to bring innovative gameplay features and rich storytelling to fans worldwide.