Monster Hunter x Zoids Anniversary Unleashes Themed Rathalos And Magnamalo Kits

It’s the clash of the beasts (or rather, a merger), as Japanese toy company Takara Tomy and Capcom have joined forces to roll out a Zoids x Monster Hunter collaboration. The crossover will feature two new model kits based on creature elements from both franchises, with pre-orders kicking off tomorrow, 12 January.

Previously announced in December 2023, the toy lineup serves to celebrate the 40th and 20th anniversaries of Zoids and Monster Hunter, respectively. The first, named Sonic Bird Rathalos, fuses Sonic Bird with Rathalos (duh), while the Beast Liger Calamity Armor puts the Beast Liger in Magnamalo’s Sinister Armour. Both the Beast Liger and Sonic Bird debuted in the 2019 anime Zoids Wild ZERO.

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The Monster Hunter x Zoids collaboration comes at a time where Monster Hunter World is enjoying a surge in concurrent player count, following the recent reveal of Monster Hunter Wilds and the ongoing Return to World campaign. Rathalos, the iconic King of the Skies, is the poster boy for the entire franchise, with Magnamalo joining the family as the new flagship monster in Monster Hunter Rise.