Street Fighter Teams Up With Pocky For Limited-Edition Chocolate Sticks

Fighting games and snacks do go hand in hand, especially when you’re spectating a heated competitive match, with the need to munch incessantly as you egg on your favourite fighter to win the match.

However, Capcom and Pocky have taken that concept to a whole new level, with a new collaboration for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. This collab is called the Pocky K.O. Challenge, and is open to players across the globe.

In this challenge, players would have to achieve what is called a Pocky K.O. To get it, players would have to win a match with their fighter’s health bar visually resembles that of an actual Pocky stick. It is then, and only then, that a Pocky K.O. can be achieved.

As simple as it sounds, it’s actually quite a daunting challenge even for hardened Street Fighter Veterans, given the complex and oftentimes unpredictable nature of the game. As such, it is no doubt a satisfying achievement to obtain.

Once that’s done, players could take a screenshot of their Pocky K.O. and upload it to the official Pocky K.O. Checker website.

Additionally, you can also Tweet a video of your Pocky K.O. using the hashtag #PockyKO. While we understand that there aren’t any tangible rewards per se, selected players’ videos will be immortalised at the upcoming Capcom Cup 2019, where the top 11 videos will be showcased on the main stage for all the world to see.

But Capcom and Glico’s collab doesn’t end there, however. They’ll also be releasing a limited-edition Street Fighter V Pocky Chocolate, which will be available for purchase online and at retail stores.

The packaging retains the classic Pocky red, but accompanying the iconic chocolate sticks is the image of two Street Fighter icons: Ryu and Chun-Li. Each box contains 10 smaller packs, containing the following flavours:

  • 3x Pocky Chocolate
  • 3x Pocky Strawberry
  • 3x Pocky Cookies & Cream
  • 1x Limited-Edition Street Fighter V Pocky

The limited-edition Street Fighter V Pocky Chocolate will be available in the US online on December 13 via Asian Food Grocer, and in retail stores in the US on January 13, 2020 via Select It’s Sugar, Hot Topic and FYE.