Step Your Street Fighter V Game Up With These Pro Videos

We’ve been checking out a lot of Street Fighter V and boy the fighting feels great. We’ve got old characters given a new lease of life, thanks to the V System, familiar faces like Birdie and Karin making a return, and who hasn’t taken some time in trying to figure out newbies, like rushdown-heavy Necalli or poison trickster F.A.N.G.

But let’s face it – most of us suck at the game. For a game where its producer claims that is meant for casual players, the target demographic does not get much save for the incredibly basic tutorial upon loading the game. (Not that we should believe that producers, since one of them did say that Singapore’s top player had a small role to play in some features of this game.) Players will have to do a TON of homework, in the form of YouTube videos and even then, where would one actually start?

Luckily, Geek Culture is here to help. Here are our top picks for Street Fighter V videos you need to watch to step your game up. Think of it as a How To guide on How To Play Street Fighter V.

General Tips


PBS Gaming’ How To Play Street Fighter Like A Pro

To understand fighting games, you need to understand spacing and zoning. This PBS Game video teaches that concept well in this short, concise, and well-researched piece.


Common Terms In Fighting Games You Need To Know. Now.

GuileWinQuote did a video on fighting game fundamentals. These are terms you need to know not just for Street Fighter V, but for any fighting game you will come across in the future. You might want some coffee though, since this guy’s voice can come off as a tad monotonous.


Maximillian’s Fighting Game Advice

To sum up this pro video maker’s segment: start early, at least a few weeks after a specific fighting game’s launch. That’s the only way to catch up with the pros. It’s a good life lesson if you REALLY want to be the next Xian or Gackt. Street Fighter V is a good time as any to start training to be the very best.


IGN’s Top 5 Beginner Tips

Believe it or not,the folks at IGN offer some fighting game gems that most beginners, and even intermediate players, tend to overlook or forget.


GameSpot’s 9 Tips The Tutorial Mode Won’t Teach You

This short guide gets a special mention because it does a good job pointing out several vital flaws in Street Fighter V’s tutorial mode. Again, Capcom, you have tutorials from Killer Instinct, BlazBlue, and Mortal Kombat X to get inspiration from. Please learn from those guys instead of forcing us to dig endlessly for appropriate videos.


R.Mika Tutorial by Geoff The Hero

If you want to learn all the great moves this new wrestler has to offer in the arena, this short-but-informative-and-peppy tutorial on R.Mika is the best place to start. We just learned that you can backdash to make your opponent wall bounce from a Passion Press (her Irish whip). Warning: lots of gratuitous 3D butt shots.


Nash’s Tutorial By Vesper Arcade

You might think Nash is the best character to pick up because pro gamers such as Infiltration are using him but you would be wrong. Nash is one of the tougher rushdown characters to use. This guide will teach you what works with Nash, and what doesn’t.


Momochi’s Basics of Ken

Ken you dig the new Ken? Japanese tournament pro gamer Momochi, famous for using Ken in a majority of Street Fighter games, has prepared a video on how to use Ken in Street Fighter V. This is a great video for those who still cannot adjust to this version of Ken. Here’s a quick protip: STOP SPAMMING HIS V-SKILL AT RANDOM. It turns you into sweep and footsies bait.

Super High-Level Vids For Analyzing

Desk’s Combo Theater

If you’re already confident with your game and wish to know more flashy combos, look no further than Desk’s YouTube page. He’s slowly building a setlist for all the characters (he’s at R.Mika at this time of writing), so just wait a while in case you don’t find your favorite character.


Floejisan’s F.A.N.G Versus Mike Ross’ Birdie Match

Here’s an example of a match you can analyze and study for footsie tips between two of Street Fighter V’s comical characters.


Winter Brawl X Finals

A classic Street Fighter match-up in this American tournament’s final rounds: rushdown character vs. rushdown character, ripe for analyzing and taking cues from. This match shows two pro gamers using whatever they have at their disposal, while also playing the game of controlling space.

This is just like the Akuma/Fei Long/Cammy vs. Yun/Yang matches we’ve known and (sorta) love back in SFIV, only in a brand new game. We predict that EVO 2016’s SFV tournament finals may feature these blonde wunderkinds.

Got a video we missed out on? Hit us up on the comments box below!