Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney Parks Finally Gets Opening Dates

Somehow, we’re almost halfway through 2018, and with that we get ever closer to the opening of Disney’s Star Wars theme parks! After going ages without any official news (we got some news unofficially, at least), we finally know when the parks will be ready!

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But don’t start booking your tickets just yet! Disney Parks has announced that Disneyland’s (Anaheim, California) Galaxy’s Edge will open in summer 2019, while Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios (Orlando, Florida) will be ready by late fall 2019. The summer season is from about June 20 to September 20, while the fall season is about September 20 to December 20, so they’re both really wide windows for when the parks will actually be able to open.

In the meanwhile, though, we can enjoy the sneak peeks that have been slowly trickling out. Most recently, Disney shared a glimpse at an animated sequence for the upcoming Millennium Falcon attraction.

We also got a look at the unique Star Wars character plushies which will be on sale in the parks!

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There’s still got a long wait ahead of us, fellow fans, but we’ve got some good things to look forward to.

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