Drone Video Reveals Construction Progress on Disney’s Star Wars Land

While it’s still over a year before fans will get to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland and Walt Disney World in 2019, Disney has decided to give us a quick sneak peek! Construction is well underway at the site at Disneyland California, as Disney’s drone footage video reveals the sprawling work-in-progress.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will feature the planet of Batuu, an new Outer Rim planet we’ve never seen before in the franchise. This remote frontier was once a busy trading post along old sub-lightspeed trade routes, but the invent of hyperspace led to the planet falling into disrepair.

Last year, Disney teased with a similar fly-through video, but with a scale model of the land instead.

It might not look like much yet in the actual site with all the scaffolding, but we can already see some structures in the concept art and model being brought to life!

It’s a bit of a different angle here, but you can see the tower in the middle and the surrounding buildings are taking shape.


The steep, rocky cliff face is in progress, along with the semi-circle shaped structure.


And here we can see the rough shape of the dope-topped buildings being constructed, as well as the bay area set aside for the full-sized Millenium Falcon!


The Millenium Falcon is yet to be seen, but it promises to feature a customized secret mission, and two other new attractions will have guests placed into a battle between the First Order and the Resistance.

Theme parks usually try to be pretty secretive about the construction progress of new lands, so it’s great to see Disney themselves giving us this insider drone footage update! Let’s hope for more and more sneak peeks as we wait until 2019 for the grand opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.