Prepare yourself and your family, as two of the most beloved and cherished Sci-fi/Fantasy franchises of all time collide in a Star-tacular, 80s-style motion picture event – “The Carbonite Maneuver (1985)”

While on a routine exploration mission, Captain James T. Kirk, and the loyal crew of the U.S.S Enterprise, become entangled in an Evil galactic scheme, that not only threatens the United Federation of Planets, but the very Earth itself!

This is hands down, one of the better fan-made Star Wars / Star Trek mash-up trailers I’ve seen. Nothing beats having it stylized with an 80s movie treatment, so sit back, and enjoy. Long Live & Prosper, and May The Force Be With You!

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Yonk is a geek who is fortunate enough to have an equally geeky Star Wars fan for a wife, who owns a LEGO Millennium Falcon encased in a glass coffee table as their home's centre-piece.