Square Enix Mislabels ‘Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’ Discs In Asia & Japan

Now that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is out in the wild, it’s time to continue the journey of Cloud and his merry band of rogues. Getting started on it, however, may present a slight issue to fans in Asia and Japan, especially for those with the physical copy of the game.

Square Enix has confirmed a printing error on both discs, attributing it to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s manufacturing process. As a result, the Data Disc and Play Disc have been mislabelled as “Play Disc” and “Data Disc” respectively. This error applies to all game discs sold in Asia.

Here’s how to rectify the issue for affected parties:

  1. Insert the black disc (marked “Play Disc”) into your PlayStation 5 console and install the requisite data.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions. Once the installation is complete, insert the white disc (marked “Data Disc”) to start the game.
  3. After the initial installation, players will only ever need to use the disc labelled “Data Disc” from Step 2 to play.

Square Enix assures players that their play experience won’t be affected, as long as they follow the instructions above. It’s a small hiccup for a game that has only been getting more hype, from raving reviews to hilarious collaboration ads.

This also means our Collector’s Edition was affected. Check out the unboxing video:

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the highly-anticipated sequel to 2020’s Final Fantasy Remake, and serves as the middle entry to a planned trilogy. It’s now available to play on the PS5, and will allow players who completed the demo to skip the Nibelheim segment in the full game.