Pre-registration For ‘Street Fighter: Duel’ Mobile Game Opens For Southeast Asia Gamers

Gamers of all age groups will all have a memory of legendary fighting game, Street Fighter, and be prepared to fight once in 2024 publisher A PLUS Japan is bringing back Street Fighter in a whole new experience, in the form of Street Fighter: Duel, where the fight now moves with you anywhere on your phone.

Pre-registration is open now on App Store and Google Play for players in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The game will be available in English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

Street Fighter: Duel has a massive roster of popular fighters new and old, and offers game mechanics to improve each fighter. Players will have a chance to get their favourite fighter and build them to the top. With this unique character system, players will gain a sense of accomplishment when each of their fighters level up.

For long-time fans, Street Fighter: Duel brings back the one thing we all miss – the iconic stages of the franchise, such as the airfield, bathhouse, night scene, and more. Additionally, the game has optimized visuals for mobile phones, making the stages more realistic and vivid than ever before!

The gameplay is optimized for mobile platforms with game modes such as character training and arena. Mechanics like auto combos and EX-Move are also added to make the game enjoyable for players. These new features will bring a unique combat experience to the players in the official version that will be released this March. Pre-register today!