‘Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’ X Nissin Donbei Kitsune Udon Ad Puts Fox Ears On Sephiroth

Final Fantasy VII is no stranger to collaborations, some of which are more bizarre than others. With the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Nissin Donbei Kitsune Udon tie-up, the idea isn’t as wild and amusing as the advertisement for it.

The hilarious video opens with Sephiroth standing in the fire with a fox tail and ears, taking after the “dongitsune”, a fox spirit associated with the Donbei bowls. Cloud turns down the silver-haired villain’s request to eat it, so the latter calls upon a piece of deep-fried tofu from the heavens as a massive meteor. Eventually, Cloud gives in, slurps up the noodles, and receives 7777 HP healing. After praising him for eating the bowl, Sephiroth ends the commercial by saying “Shall I give you Donbei?”, a reference to his iconic “Shall I give you despair?” line in the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children animated film.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Nissin Udon Ad

More impressively, the familiar scenes from Final Fantasy VII Remake have been reanimated to show Sephiroth holding a bowl of Donbei and Cloud eating udon. The ad is currently only available in Japanese, but Final Fantasy enthusiast, blogger, and CEO of Aitai Japan Audrey (@aitaikimochi on X/Twitter) has done fans a solid favour and added English subtitles to it:


The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Nissin Donbei Kitsune Udon collaboration has already kicked off in Japan, so Japanese fans can enjoy the bowls while playing the game demo, now available for download on the PS5. It officially releases on 29 February, and will allow players who completed the demo to skip the Nibelheim segment in the full game.