Square Enix Announces New Pokémon Go-Like Dragon Quest Walk

The Pokémon Company’s Pokémon Go has proven that it is possible to play while walking, or cycling, outside. Now, Square Enix has announced their answer to the Pokemon Go, an augmented reality mobile game titled Dragon Quest Walk.

The company announced that the game will be available for both iOS and Android though sadly it seems to currently only be available in Japan. It is not known yet if the game will be available in other regions.

The Dragon Quest series started in 1986 with the very first Dragon Quest and has since released 11 games under the Dragon Quest title, with over 76 million copies sold worldwide.

Square Enix also released a trailer that showed revealed little gameplay but depicted a multitude of 3D Dragon Quest monsters interacting with real-life humans. The trailer ended with the tagline, “All of Japan will become Dragon Quest.” It sounds a tad bit ominous but we are sure only fun awaits us with the release of the game.

The official Square Enix site provides a bit more information on the gameplay. According to Gematsu, players will get to “battle against various monsters, grow, prepare your equipment, and even challenge formidable enemies”.

The game also has a closed beta that is happening on June 11. If you happen to be in Japan on that day, you can sign up first to take part.