Singtel Links Up With AIS And SK Telcom In New Regional Esports Venture

Singapore telco Singtel has been ramping up its venture into the esports scene. In recent years, it has launched PVP Esports, which not only features tournaments locally, but also within Southeast Asia itself.

Earlier this week, it has expanded its horizons in a new Series A joint investment with Thai and South Korean telcos AIS and SK Telcom respectively to “develop new gaming-related revenue streams”, as stated in a press release. The partnership will also include leading international game devs, and will aim to launch content that will involve up to 800 million gamers within the region.

“Gaming is growing in popularity as digital entertainment for our customers in the region. There are some 200 million gamers in our markets, and the numbers continue to grow, said Mr Arthur Lang, CEO of Singtel’s International Group. “In the past two years, we’ve worked with various partners in the gaming ecosystem on regional esports efforts, such as PVP Esports, to connect with Gen Z and millennial audiences. This has received strong support from the community and spurred us to deepen our engagement beyond esports into gaming content distribution.”

“SK Telecom is delighted to participate in the joint venture with Singtel and AIS,” said Mr Charles Huh, Vice President and Head of Private Placement Group at SK Telecom. “Building on our extensive experience in the area of gaming, which includes the successful establishment of T1, a global esports joint venture with Comcast Spectator, and long-standing leadership in mobile game distribution in Korea, SK Telecom will help create a new level of gaming experience by providing popular Korean gaming content throughout the Asia-Pacific region.”

“AIS has been a pioneer in the Thai esports space, hosting several successful tournaments. AIS’ industry-leading fixed and mobile networks also provide a great gaming experience to our customers,” added Mr Alistair David Johnston, Managing Director of New Business at AIS. “We are very excited to be joining forces with Singtel and SK Telecom in developing this new venture. We aim to provide a great experience to all gamers in Thailand and across the region.”

No content in particular has been announced yet with regards to the new deal, but we can certainly expect Singtel and its new esports partners to do so within the next few months.