SingPost’s latest Batman v Superman MyStamp Collection

With the latest Batman v Superman MyStamp collection, SingPost seems to have heard all the collective pleas of all the geeks out there. There’s only so much merch one can buy but yet limited space to display them. Stamps, however, might be the final frontier for collectibles.

Presented in an excellent hardcover folio, it opens up after gently lifting up the magnetic clasp. Its heft reminds me of those Dorling Kindersley books that you might have used to read. Then again, I’m not surprised if there might be one released just for the movie as well.

batman v superman singpost mystamp collection (5)

Within the book are pages of character bios and stills that we have been constantly fed in the lead up to Batman v Superman but it’s in the middle that holds the real meat of the stamp collection.

batman v superman mystamp collection inner bifold(6)

Featuring what looks to be original artwork, Batman and Superman are certainly the best frenemies when it comes to their approach to justice. Who doesn’t love old school wraparound covers? This is certainly rocking it.

batman v superman mystamp collection inner cover(1)

Hidden behind the featured stamp sheet would be the fight scene that everyone would be looking forward to in the movie. It seems as though Armoured Batman is on the backpedal here.

While the overall package is premium and certainly looks great, there is a sense that the stamps themselves could have used a bit of the Batman v Superman treatment as well. As pictured, all stamps included within the collection itself are of S$1 and S$1.10 values with regular plain white backgrounds which is a wasted opportunity.

If you’re looking to grab one Batman v Superman MyStamp collection for yourself, you’d better hurry as there is an early bird offer from now till the launch of the movie at S$55.90. After that, the regular price would be S$69.90 from 24 March 2016 onwards.

As they say, the best type of collectible are the ones that are never found by your significant other and the Batman v Superman MyStamp collection would sit nicely as an addition to that bookshelf hidden away from nagging tongues.

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