Singapore’s Omnidesk Adds New Hem-Fir Series To Its Wildwood Tabletop Collection

With the current landscape of the world being what it is right now, more people are now working from home and thus it is important to make sure your work (and play) station at home is one that’ll make the work-from-home experience a good one.

Enter Omnidesk (read our review of the Omnidesk Pro 2020) with its newest addition to its Wildwood tabletop collection, the Hem-Fir

The Hem-Fir uses timber harvested from the Abies grandis fir trees exclusively located in the rocky mountains of North America. The fir trees used help to give the Hem-Fir Omnidesk tables its exquisite patterns and a fine-grained texture.

Despite its lightweight, the Hem-Fir is naturally resilient and according to Omnidesk, it has pressure tested each plank of Hem-Fir timber that goes into making a Hem-Fir tabletop. This way, you can be assured that you will be paying for a tabletop that can take anything you throw at it. 

Not only is it sturdy, the rich auburn Hem-Fir tabletops, with its subtle lavender cast and delicate textures will serve to complement your workstation and might even work well as the centerpiece in your home. 

The Omnidesk Hem-Fir tabletops will be available in 48-inch, 60-inch, and 72-inch and is available for pre-order now from S$1,059 and will ship on 24 August 2020.