Singapore’s First Ever LEGO Mosaic Art Creator Is Now Available At Bricksworld

We’ve built spaceships, a Batmobile and entire cities out of LEGO. And now we can build a self-portrait entirely made out of LEGO. We’re sure it’s something you’ve wondered about but never thought you’d ever get the opportunity to do so. Well, LEGO Certified Stores (Bricks World) is launching an exclusive app that allows you to make anything – and we mean anything – into a mosaic art piece made completely out of LEGO bricks. 

mosaic art
mosaic art
mosaic art

The Mosaic Art Creator is an app which turns your pictures into one of a kind, limited edition, custom-made mosaic kits that you can bring home and build with LEGO Bricks. The app is not limited to selfies only – you can have your pets, your favourite cartoon character or even a group of friends and family turned into a LEGO portrait. All you’ve got to do is take a photo of it or upload it onto the app itself. 

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It’s quite a process so let us show you how. 

Let’s Begin!

mosaic art

To start, download the Mosaic Art Creator (MAC) app from the Apple store or Google Play store and launch the app. The app’s homepage has instructions on how to use the app effectively in four easy steps. 

When you click start, you are asked to either take or upload a picture. After a few terrible selfies, we did a quick scan of the LEGO Flagship Store in ION Orchard and decided to do some LEGOception by using a LEGO model of the galaxy’s favourite droid, R2D2, as our test subject. 

mosaic art

After taking or uploading your desired picture, MAC turns your image into LEGO bricks and gives you the option to reposition and resize your image however you’d like. The app then provides three different renderings of your image for you to choose from – dark, light or medium contrasts.

mosaic art

Happy With Your Picture? What Next? 

Save your mosaic art piece! You can make as many mosaic art pieces as you like – we admit it’s pretty fun to see images LEGO-fied. The app would keep your designs for 7 days before disposing of it if you choose to not move further in the process. 

Once you’ve decided to purchase your order, you can drop by the LEGO Flagship store at ION Orchard, click on the saved art piece and make the payment in store. The friendly staff members will activate and process the order for you and provide you with the items you require to start building. It’s that simple! Instructions on how to build your unique art piece would be provided as well.  

Build Your Mosaic Art!

So you’ve made your mosaic on MAC, sent in your order and have collected the LEGO bricks you need. All that’s left to do is build it!

To build this, you’ll need some pretty solid hand-eye coordination skills. But if you don’t, that’s alright, we’ve got a tip on how to get started. 

We found doing the outline of the image was a good place to start. Once the outline was completed, we proceeded to fill up the nitty-gritty details like the features on R2-D2’s body. Lastly, we filled up the background of the image. We’ve learnt that having a flat or plain background behind the main subject of your image is key to making your mosaic easier to put together. 

It’s a rather long task to do, but piecing the mosaic art piece was like a form of relaxation after a stressful day at work. It was also a great way to bond for the Geek Culture team. 

mosaic art
mosaic art

The Mosaic measures up to 38cm X 38cm per 1X1 baseplate. Going for SG$209.90, this fairs slightly more than getting your mosaic done in the UK LEGO Store. In the UK, you can get a mosaic portrait for £99.99 (SG$176). But what makes MAC more appealing is that you don’t have to be in a physical store and wait in line to get your picture taken. MAC being an app makes it far more convenient. To add on, MAC allows you to upload pictures that you already have in your device – this means you can get a mosaic done of your partner and gift it to them without shoving a phone in their face and ruining your surprise. This is an interesting experience and keepsake for individuals who love LEGO and an even more unique gift for family and friends. 

Excited? Want to get a mosaic portrait of your favourite character, family member, partner, or even yourself? Well, as part of the launch of MAC, LEGO Certified Stores (Bricks World) is putting on a competition where you stand a chance to win your own mosaic creation. 

The competition runs from 10 to 24 of December 2019. All you have to do is post screenshots of your mosaic images (no purchase necessary) to Instagram with the hashtags #LCSBricksWorld and #MosaicArtCreator. The top 25 most-liked posts will be entered into a lucky draw where five lucky winners will be able to go home with their mosaic creation courtesy of LEGO Certified Stores (Bricks World). 

We think MAC is pretty cool. We might be down to do another one. 

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