Singapore-Made ‘Employee Of The Month’ Card Game Replicates Corporate Culture PTSD

We’ve all been there before, some sooner than later, the moment you’ve stepped into the working world, corporate politics is something school hasn’t quite prepared an individual for.

With Employee Of The Month, we now have a safe avenue to play and see if your best-laid plans for corporate domination work out!

We’ve had a chance to playtest the game with the designer, Alexander Lim, and found it a good attempt of what corporate life might be for some. It moved pretty fast with 3 people playing, with the game wrapping up in a quick 20 mins which included rules explanation.

Looking to get ahead and curry favour with your peers? Some doughnuts might help improve your standing the office. Want to take down that brown-noser? Play politics cards that reduce a player’s points and be the top scorer of the round to become the employee of the month! Failing that and you could get fired!

It’s a simple explanation of the rules but that’s why the Kickstarter video exists.

Yes, that’s a Counterspell but for ‘real life’

For anyone who’s played games like Munchkin and Magic: The Gathering, the cards that you play have some level of strategic depth that sets it apart from other “Take-That” games.

If anything, it’s really the art that has us sold on Employee Of The Month. Illustrated by Lim Jia Ning, who’s a zookeeper by day, and artist by night, the art captures all the different archetypes one might see in the office on a regular basis.

Having your lunch at the desk? An all too common sight if you’re rushing a deadline that’s relatable to everyone.

Now everyone can have their own “boss’ pet” in card form!

The Employee Of The Month Kickstarter is now live and it’s a relatively light game with an affordable S$20 pledge. Think of it as the training ground before one goes into battle and it could pay dividends many times over!