Singapore Developed Brawlstar Legends wants to be a “True MOBA for Mobile”

Homegrown game developers in Singapore have been stealing the limelight lately, from establishing new, burgeoning studios to making games that are both highly anticipated and lauded (Masquerada, Stifled etc). It is indeed exciting times ahead for the local scene, and we are excited that developers are able to get a chance to shine in a growing industry. One such developer is the team over at Gazia Games!

A local startup that consists of ardent MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ie DOTA 2, League of Legends etc) players, it is a team that has plenty of talent with vast experience in the industry. Team members who used to be from companies like gumi, Kabam, and Perfect World, and had worked on games such as Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Brave Frontier, and The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age shows the pedigree of Gazia Games.

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That has not gone unnoticed, with Gazia Games recently securing a seed round investment from Wargaming, the Cyprus based video games company behind massive titles like World of Tanks and World of Warships. This funding will go towards their debut title, a “true MOBA, for mobile.”

Brawlstar Legends is a 2v2 MOBA that was conceived to be a compact yet deep experience for the mobile market, controls have been streamlined to dragging and dropping, and with a game time of 3 minutes per match, it is meant to speed up the process right to the climax! With two lanes to battle over, the objective is simple – destroy your opponent’s Nexus or take the most towers within the time limit. Bring a friend, and you can even party up for some co-op action against your opponents!

Being just a single map MOBA, Gazia Games had to ensure the rest of the game was up to snuff. From creating unique heroes with distinct move sets, tower distances, to everything under the hood, Brawlstar Legends wants to funnel you into the thick of the action and forego the boring stuff. The entire map also fits on a single screen, with no need for a minimap, you are always focused for the full 3 minutes on what matters the most. Although the controls of dragging and dropping appeals to new players, there is also a high skill ceiling for players to reach. A smarter player will always win, so time your drags and drops strategically and come out on top!

If a short but ultimately MOBA experience is what you are looking for, especially during those train rides with ridiculous delays, then Brawlstar Legends come highly recommended from us.

It is available now on the Google Play Store and Apple Store!

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