ASUS Launches Powerful Tournament Ready ROG Strix GT35 Gaming Desktop In Singapore

First announced during CES 2020, the ASUS ROG Strix GT35 is finally available in Singapore for gamers looking to get tournament-ready performances on their PC.

A powerful gaming desktop will require high GPU power, and that is why the ROG Strix GT35 is powered by the top-of-the-line NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 which will allow the desktop to give gamers an edge when gaming with fast and fluid gameplay, and realistic visual effects. The Strix GT35 also features up to an Intel Core i9 Processor to help power through demanding workloads like content creation, game development, and heavy-duty multitasking. 

According to ASUS, the CPU is unlocked for overclocking, which means gamers will be able to get a faster, more responsive system. The desktop achieves this by “analysing your clock speeds and cooling over time, and optimising them to ensure peak performance.” With this, you will easily be able to take your gaming to the next level without having to worry about overworking your desktop. 

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For esports competitions, organisers will often have to swap out SSDs loaded with the game to be played and players’ profiles. To help in that task, ASUS has loaded the Strix GT35 with two hot-swap drive bays behind spring-loaded doors at the front of the desktop’s chassis. This way, organisers will be able to quickly and efficiently swap between SSDs without having to use any special tools to open the case. 

To also make it easier to transport the desktop around, it comes with an integrated carrying handle that is able to bear sustained forces of up to 30kgf. The chassis also comes with a headphone hook to allow gamers to keep their gaming setup neat and tidy.

ASUS has outfitted the Strix GT35 with a Wind Shear design featuring widened air vents that helps to draw more air through the desktop’s internal cooling system, as well as liquid cooling channels that helps to quickly dissipate heat from the system. This way, your desktop will have the thermal headroom necessary for it to reach its fullest potential when you are playing graphics-intensive games, or heavily multitasking on it. 

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For those thinking of upgrading their desktop in the future, the Strix GT35 makes it easy for you with its CPU and motherboard directly supporting up to the latest PCI Express 4.0 standard. It also features two PCIe slots that are directly connected to the CPU and have multi-GPU configuration, which means you could potentially double your PC’s graphics power with a second graphics card to boost the frame rate.

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The external hot-swap bays will also help to simplify storage upgrades. What’s more, one of the desktop’s motherboard’s dual M.2 slots can be used for a second SSD and the chassis also has room for two 3.5-inch HDDs to further increase your PC’s storage capacity.

In terms of personalisation with the Strix GT35, it will be the first ROG desktop to feature ASUS’ new Keystone II technology. It is an NFC-enabled key that can be docked into compatible devices to quickly access customised settings linked to the user’s ROG ID.

With the Keystone, users can use it to launch a specific programme when docked, or switch the system to a different operating mode. 

Of course, when talking about an ASUS ROG product, it will be remiss to not mention the RGB lighting. As for the Strix GT35, it will feature customisable lighting both inside and outside of the gaming desktop, with Aura Sync allowing users to customise the colours and effects of the RGB light across all components, from the motherboard to the graphics card.

The ROG Strix GT35 will be available for S$3,998 and can be purchased at the ASUS Exclusive store, ASUS’ Online Store, Lazada, as well as authorised retailers.

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