Singapore Artists Show Off Their Lunar New Year Artworks Made Using Adobe Apps

Lunar New Year is often a time of celebration for many. It is the one time of the year everyone comes together to spend quality time together catching up, eating delicious reunion dinners and for the kids, collecting awesome red packets. 

In honour of the Lunar New Year festivities, Adobe has invited three artists from Singapore to create an artwork based on their interpretation of the Lunar New Year, by giving a creative spin on classic traditions often observed during the holiday.

The three Singaporean artists include composite photographer Guoxin Goh, illustrator and visual artist Michael Ng, and illustrator and visual designer Andre Wee. Using their respective mediums, each of them produced art that told their own Lunar New Year-themed story.

Here are the three artists and their #AdobeLNYRituals artwork.

Guoxin Goh (@9oh9x)

The Singaporean photographer has created a photograph that reenacts the ever-popular lion dance scene that is often seen during the Lunar New Year. It is performed to help usher in good fortune and chase away evil spirits, so that everyone will have good luck for the upcoming year. Goh used Adobe Photoshop to blend several different images together to create his final piece of art. 

Seeing how the Lunar New Year lion dance troupe executes precise and breathtaking acrobatic moves paves the way for an auspicious year ahead for me, so I try to make an effort to watch one whenever I can. Luckily, I’ve been able to accomplish that as my company invites the troupes to the office every year, setting me up for prosperity and success year after year.

Michael Ng (@mindflyer)

Inspired by the art of traditional Chinese paper cutting and folk art, artist Ng used Adobe Fresco to help create his final masterpiece which is based on the tradition of wishing for good health, good luck, and prosperity on your elders. 

In my family, our Lunar New Year ritual happens on the morning of the new year itself. As my parents take their seat in the hall, my siblings and I will take turns to get on our knees and offer mandarin oranges and a red packet to wish them good health, good luck and prosperity. Honouring my parents and the core values they instil in me ensures that I start the year on the right note to welcome a prosperous year ahead.

Andre Wee (@andre_wee)

Different families have different dishes that make their Lunar New Year complete. For some it could be a plate of roast chicken, or ngoh hiang (five-spice pork rolls wrapped in beancurd skin). For Wee, it is a plate of popiah (fresh spring rolls) which he makes for his family. The artist has used Adobe Fresco to help bring this dish to life. 

The Lunar New Year is never complete unless I get to make Popiah (fresh spring rolls) for my family and loved ones at my Grandma’s place. Making Popiah is an art – it takes effort and yields delicious rewards from the simplest ingredients. Getting that right at the beginning of the year signifies a good and prosperous one ahead for me and the entire family.

If looking at the wonderful art created by these Singaporean artist has tickled the artistic bone inside you and you want to try creating something yourself, then you’re in luck. Adobe is providing free Photoshop template for you to use to create your very own Lunar New Year artwork. 

More festive artworks from artists around the world can be found on Adobe’s blog post.