SEGA Now Looking At Adapting Other IPs Following ‘Sonic’ & ‘Mario’ Movie Success

Before The Super Mario Bros Movie, SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the biggest opening for a video game adaptation. Fans went wild for the blue speedy hedgehog and a third movie is currently spinning its way into theatres for next December, but that’s not all that fans can expect.

SEGA has expressed interest to adapt more video game IPs for the big screen. The topic was raised during the company’s full-year earnings by CEO Haruki Satomi and Koichi Fukazawa. The duo suggested that releasing a movie alongside a video game launch may be the right strategy to ensure the success of their IPs.

Sonic hedgehog 2

“We would like to take on challenges outside of the Sonic IP should the opportunity arise,” said SEGA in a published transcript of the event.

“If we can match the timing of game launches to the release of movies, it would be extremely effective from a marketing perspective and there are also significant benefits, such as increasing awareness of our IP and increasing the number of touch points for customers, as we achieved with the Sonic movie.”

SEGA has a number of IPs under its belt. The company has previously announced that it will adapt two popular franchises – Yakuza and Atlus Games’ Persona – for the big screen, but no new details have been reported since then.