'Sonic The Hedgehog 3' Spinning Into Theatres In December 2024

‘Sonic The Hedgehog 3’ Spinning Into Theatres In December 2024

Following the gigantic success of both the first and second Sonic the Hedgehog movies, it is a no-brainer that a third movie will be incoming to complete the trilogy, especially with the tease of Shadow. While the plot remains a mystery, we now have a release date for Sonic the Hedgehog 3, with the film hitting the big screen on 20 December 2024.

The announcement comes via Twitter, with the tagline “Running faster, flying higher, and punching harder.” Alongside Sonic are both Tails and Knuckles the Echidna, which should be more than enough to take on the challenges ahead.

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Ben Schwartz is set to reprise his role in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, although it remains to be seen if either Colleen O’Shaunnessey or Idris Elba will return to voice Tails and Knuckles. For the latter, it should be a formality, as Elba has also agreed to voice Knuckles for his own spin-off.

The studios involved will be hoping for even more success this time around, with the first movie being both critically and commercially a hit. The sequel also had the honour of becoming the highest-grossing video game movie of all time in the US, so there’s some living up to do for Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

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Adding Shadow is a great move, and it is likely we will see the return of Jim Carrey’s Dr Robotnik too. Whether that’s a good move depends on who you ask, but nevertheless, the conclusion of the trilogy should make for some good watching nearing the end of 2024.