See Unpublished Pages From Cancelled Back to the Future Manga By One Punch Creator Yuusuke Murata

Great Scott! It looks like Back to the Future won’t be getting a manga adaptation after all.

Back in February, manga artist, Yuusuke Murata announced that he will be working on an adaptation of the beloved classic. And it wouldn’t have been any old adaptation either. Back to the Future screenwriter, Bob Gale would have supervised the project. The manga would feature content previously not seen in the film, fitting in with the canon of the movie.

Murata, whose portfolio includes Eyeshield 21 and One-Punch Man, announced on Twitter that the series has been cancelled due to rights issues. What these rights issues were was not made clear, though it’s probably one of the many, many pop culture references and brand name interspersed throughout the movie.

It looks like quite a bit of work was put into the series before it was officially cancelled. Murata shared a few images of his work-in-progress.

We’re sad that all that work will go to waste. It’s been years since anything official has come out of the Back to the Future franchise, the last being the short film Doc Brown Saves The World. While waiting for the next instalment in the Back to the Future franchise, why not build the weekly 1:8 scale replica of the Delorean? Who knows, by the time the build is complete, there might be another Back to the Future movie. It is going to take three years, after all.