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Thai Toy Photographer Imagines Spider-Man In Ways You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

With the rise of easy access to cameras and editing suites, toy photography has become a thing in recent years. While taking a picture of toys is easy, taking it to the next level is way harder than one expects. Not for Thai Photographer Spidey Adventure though.

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Not content with the run-of-the-mill toy photography, this Thai photographer unique style consists of grabbing his trusty figure of Spider-Man and pose them often alongside cats and dogs. Not only that, Spidey is often dressed in various costumes, which we assume are custom made. Look at this Spidey dressed as a streetside vendor!

Or this one, where Spidey is playing football next to a baby duck.

But of course, the ones we love the most are the ones with cats in it. Look at this trio of Spideys riding their cat mounts. We now demand a Spider-Verse where Spider-Men rides on giant cats with AK-47s in hand into battle.

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These photos always have a sense of humour to them. This one is probably one of the funniest photos of the whole lot.

Now, that places Spider-man’s latest exploits in a video game to shame. Always trust the Thais for an amazing level of creativity!

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