Naturally, PS5 Scalpers In Singapore Have Appeared On Carousell

Not surprisingly, the PlayStation 5 got sold out Just mere minutes after it went live for pre-order on the PlayStation store and authorised retailers.

Now, crafty scalpers have already posted listings online with PS5 consoles that they have managed to order, hoping to earn some extra cash from desperate PlayStation fans looking to get their hands on Sony’s newest console.

As you can see, there are already numerous listings on eBay for the PS5, all priced over S$1,000 despite the PS5 only retailing for S$729 for the standard version and S$599 for the digital edition. That’s almost twice the original cost of the console. 

It’s not just eBay, we have also spotted scalpers on Carousell with similar listings of PS5 consoles priced above S$1,000.

From the looks of it, it seems that no one is biting on these truly absurd prices. After all, it will be best to simply wait for stores to restock, which are expected to arrive in December. Not a long wait all things considered. Unless you truly want to be the first few to receive the PS5, there is simply no reason to throw any extra cash right now on scalpers. 

After all, the extra cost could be saved to purchase any one of the accessories that can be used on the PS5, such as the DualSense Wireless Controller (S$99.90) or PULSE 3D wireless headset (S$149).

The PlayStation 5 is slated to release worldwide on 12 November 2020