Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson Joins Animated ‘Garfield’ Film As Chris Pratt’s Dad

Captain Marvel showed us the secret behind Nick Fury’s eyepatch, but that isn’t the only time where Samuel L. Jackson had a major run-in with, well, a, cat. The upcoming animated Garfield movie has tapped the actor to play the father of the titular character, whose name is revealed to be Vic.

The man will be a brand new character in the Garfield universe, as he has never appeared in the comic strip or in previous movies. With this casting decision, Jackson joins Chris Pratt, who is voicing the iconic lasagna-loving cat.

This movie is another shot at bringing Garfield to the big screen, after two poorly-received efforts starring Bill Murray back in 2004 and 2006. The origins of the orange feline can be traced back to Jim Davis’ comic strip that began in 1978, which follows Garfield’s mission to be as lazy as possible. Along the way, readers are introduced to other characters, such as his owner, Jon, and Odie, Jon’s dog.

Apart from Garfield, Pratt will also be voicing Mario in the new Super Mario Bros. animated film, which is slated to hit theatres over the holidays in 2022. A release date has yet to be announced for this Garfield animated movie, but we know that Finding Nemo‘s David Reynolds will be writing the script. Mark Dindal, who has worked on Chicken Little and Emperor’s New Groove, is set to direct, with Sony Pictures in-charge of distribution.