Samsung Launches 2021 QuickDrive Washing Machines Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Let’s all be honest, laundry time is tedious and time-consuming. It’s one of those chores that doesn’t seem to have an end to. You’re expected to separate your clothes according to the material and colour, wait for each batch of clothing to get washed in the machine which could take about an hour or two, then manually hang the clothes to dry.

However, there might just be a solution to that. Samsung just released its new and improved QuickDrive washing machine that guarantees its users a breezier laundry time.

In the media event that Samsung hosted, we were given a task to create our own masterpiece. Each of the participants was given a cloth along with various liquids that promises a stubborn stain. We had quite a selection to choose from such as ketchup, chilli and chocolate milk but what caught everyone’s attention was the red wine.

Personally, the art session was rather therapeutic once you break away from the thought that you’re staining a perfectly, white piece of cloth.

Once we were done with our wonderfully made canvases, all of our creations headed to Samsung’s 2021 QuickDrive Washing Machine. This is the ultimate test of the machine. Does the new and improved QuickDrive as powerful as it is pictured to be?

With awe and amazement, after only 39 minutes of wash with the Super Speed feature on the washing machine, the cloth was back to looking brand new (and it smells good as well). No signs of our creativity and red wine can be found.

It was fascinating to see how a cloth filled with smudges and splatters could easily vanish in less than an hour without someone actually putting in the elbow grease to remove them.

To achieve such a result, there are quite a few new features that has been added to the 2021 release of QuickDrive Washing machines, here are a few:

AI Control

As weird as it might sound but this washing machine actually greets you. Upon turning it on, you are welcomed with a “Hello”, which personally, is an interesting feature to have. Doing the laundry wouldn’t feel as lonely anymore.

Other than its welcoming nature, the improved machine is smart. If you’re tired of having to always change the cycle preference every wash, this new addition might be a life-saver. The machine can remember a user’s preferred settings making it more convenient for them.

Additionally, the QuickDrive washing machine comes with a digital panel that enables consumers to manually key in their preference in temperature or water level suited to their taste in laundry.

As mentioned, the machine is smart which means that it can easily connect to a phone app that allows users to control their washing with just a few taps on the phone and you don’t even need to be in the same room as the appliance. Now, your Netflix and chill will never be interrupted again.

The SmartThings app that the machine is connected to can advise you on the best cycles fit for your laundry load, may it be cotton, polyester, light-coloured, whatever it be, the app will think for you. Users also may plan their daily laundry through their phones and be able to troubleshoot the machine with it as well if any issues arise.

AI Wash

The artificial intelligence in this machine is commendable. If you are an amateur with laundry (like me), knowing how much detergent to put in the machine is always a problem. The machine will indicate how much detergent users should put and it dispenses just the right amount. This saves up on a lot of excess detergents that we carelessly waste.

As with model premium washing machines, the detergent compartment is detachable, so you are able to clean it off easily to avoid the build-up of sediments.

Super Speed

This feature is the real MVP. Laundry of any type can get done in just 39 minutes. With a maximum of a 5kg load, laundry days will be much more efficient.

Some may question just how clean the clothes will be within such a short span but the technology used in this washing machine is unique to its line.

The Q-Drum technology is where the main drum in the washing machine and the backplate are designed to rotate independently. Compared to a conventional washing machine, that only rotates one way, the clothes are effectively washed clean with Q-Drum’s dynamic action. Along with the Q-Bubbles that shoots additional water with the drum rotations, the machine can create more bubble that can penetrate faster into the clothes.

Tough stains such as red wine, soy sauce, and mustard are easily washed off with such a mechanism.

Overall, Samsung has really stepped up its game with the new launch of the QuickDrive Washing Machine. Personally, after hearing all the features that are found in the product, laundry days would be something to look forward to.

The best thing is, with all these features, Samsung’s washers are awarded four tick ratings under Singapore’s Public Utility Board’s Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme. Saving the earth while doing laundry may just be a thing now.

Samsung will be releasing all 12 new models under the QuickDrive line by April this year. For more information about Samsung’s QuickDrive, you may visit their website.

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