razer genesis & unleashed streetwear

Razer Ventures Into Streetwear With Genesis And Unleashed Collections

Razer just unveiled two new product lines of Razer wearables, but if you are expecting smartwatches or headphones, you’d be disappointed. These are actually two clothing lines — the Genesis and Unleashed streetwear collections.

Coming in the black and neon green of all things Razer (no RGB), these clothing are designed to be functional streetwear that are available year-round. That’s right, these aren’t some limited-edition products that, after 24 hours, only appear as an overpriced item on some flippers’ Amazon listing.

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razer genesis & unleashed streetwear duo

The Genesis line is minimalistic while still being unmistakably Razer, while Unleashed goes for bold prints to declare your allegiance to anyone that cares.

As alluded to earlier, this is not Razer’s first attempt at selling apparel. They collaborated with Cariuma previously for a sneaker collection, while their limited Streak, Kanagawa Wave and A Bathing Ape collections were sold out not long after they launched.

As with all things Razer, expect a hit to your wallet if you do partake in this showing of brand loyalty. The caps and bucket hats sell for US$40, with everything else going for US$50 and above. Razer Genesis and Unleashed are available now on Razer.