Rapper T-Pain Kills It Cosplaying As Leroy Smith From Tekken 7

You might have heard by now about the Season 3 release trailer for Tekken 7 that revealed a brand new character joining the lineup, Leroy Smith.

Now take a shiny, new, exciting character and add a dash of T-Pain.

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At the recent Dragon Con, T-Pain rolled up in the first-ever Leroy Smith cosplay alongside his daughter who cosplayed as Dutch Van der Lind from Red Dead Redemption 2. T-Pain did an amazing job with not just his costume but embodying the character by shredding it out on the dancefloor in his Instagram post.


It is clear that the acclaimed musician and rapper is a huge fan of videogames from his last album entitled 1-UP to his relatively new Twitch account where he streams games like Overwatch, Apex Legends and Rainbow Six: Siege. Surprisingly he streams semi-regularly and actually puts out substantial content unlike some other posers in the rap industry *cough* Soulja Boy *cough*.


Tekken 7‘s Season 3 release is due some time this month with Zafina before Leroy comes in on the winter release. The newest DLC includes free updates including but not limited to new moves for every character and UI updates. Fans (and esepcially T-Pain) are gearing up for the winter release where according to the trailer, another character and featured are soon to be announced.