Psychonauts 2 Nears Completion, 2021 Release Confirmed

While many were celebrating the new year, Double Fine Productions had released an update on their official YouTube channel for the studio’s current project Psychonauts 2

Dressed in a festive Christmas sweater adorned with Double Fine’s two-headed baby, founder Tim Schafer announced that “all the levels are in the game” and that the game will be finished and polished once the developers are back from their holiday break. The video description added that “Psychonauts 2 is doing well and will release next year”. 

It has also been noted by Schafer that the studio has changed its working process, with it determined to develop Psychonauts 2 without work crunch. 

“On the first game that was one of the worst crunch modes we’ve ever done. It was the last one. It was the one where we were like, ‘Oh, this is terrible. Let’s not do this anymore’,” Schafer said. “And at least my eyes finally got open to, like, ‘Oh god, we can’t do this’.”

Schafer and his team also shared snippers of their video discussions, where we can see Schafer’s background of choice being a scene from The Shining. We also get to see some playthroughs and previously unseen footage. 

An exact release date for the game has not been announced, but at least we know to expect it to drop sometime in 2021.

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