“Replaced” Marries John Wick Side-Scrolling Action With Gorgeous ‘80s-Inspired Aesthetics

Breathtaking visuals are truly something to behold, especially when they are weaved perfectly into the world of action and storytelling. During this year’s iteration of E3, there were plenty of new trailers and clips to go around, making it easy for fans to miss out on potential show-stealers.

One such example is Replaced, a sci-fi platformer from the likes of Sad Cat Studios that made its debut at Microsoft’s digital Xbox showcase. Featuring a gorgeous blend of cyberpunk elements, the game aesthetic bears a resemblance to the likes of Ghostrunner, with a welcome touch of John Wick-like action, platforming mechanics, and pixel art.

There’s plenty to be impressed about in the trailer, from the smooth combat choreography of punching and shooting to the blood-pumping, pulsating soundtrack. It may be just a sneak peek, but it seems the game is rocking the cyberpunk genre really well.

Despite the ’80s-era influence, Replaced actually presents an alternate timeline to the “Trinity” nuclear test of 1945. After it goes horribly wrong, players find themselves exploring the walled terrain of Phoenix-City as an AI trapped in a human body some 40 years later. Things are pretty miserable here: not only are people farmed for parts, the harsh, cold winter is also a constant.

This gem of a video game will be published by Coatsink, and is heading to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in 2022. Retro vibes, cyberpunk elements, free-flow combat, and beautiful visuals? Count us in.

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