New Compression Tech All But Removes PS4 First-Party Games Loading Times Via Patches

With the PlayStation 5 just a few weeks away, there is no doubt that gamers are eager with anticipation. After all, next-gen games are set to take advantage of the ultra-fast loading of the SSD and deliver swift performances like never seen before. However, that does not mean the PS4 is taking a break. In fact, new patches for first-party games have all but eliminated loading screens.

Specifically, The Last of Us: Remastered and Until Dawn are the beneficiaries of what could be a new compression system that is meant to make backwards compatibility work on the PS5. With the almost non-existent nature of loading times in the recent Ghost of Tsushima, it could be utilising the same tech here.

Other first-party titles, like God of War, has also seen improvements overall. While it may never reach the levels of the PS5, seeing new tech at work on the PS4 is still going to benefit many players who will remain on this generation.

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