Pokémon Theme Park To Open In Japan’s Kanto Region

Pokémon Trainers, get ready to experience the Kanto Region in real life as it’ll be the site of the first-ever permanent Pokémon theme park in the Tama Hills– with plenty of interactive experiences planned for visitors if its predecessor Pokémon Wonder is anything to go by.

pokémon theme park

The previous temporary park experience, Pokémon Wonder, opened in Yomiuri Land for just a year in 2021. Visitors would take on the role of a Pokémon researcher, go on a scavenger hunt across the park in a 90-minute experience, and get to shop for souvenirs and plushies from the games in the gift shop. 

pokémon theme park

Yomiuri Land and Pokémon have recently teamed up to create a new permanent space in part of Yomiuri Land for Poképark Kanto, an attraction “where Pokemon fans from all over the world can gather in this area rich in nature, experience Pokemon, and have fun together”, which will likely combine elements from Pokémon Wonder.

pokémon theme park

Pokémon’s Kanto region, which is where the first game, Pokémon Red and Green is set, is one of the series’ most iconic locations, so it makes sense that a park would be situated in real-world Kanto, which is a section of Honshu Island, where cities like Tokyo and Yokohama are located. 

While the park is still in development and no opening date has been announced, fans can visit the Pokémon Center and Café in Tokyo in the meantime. Stay tuned for more details to come!