PlayStation State Of Play May 2024: ‘Astro Bot’, ‘God of War Ragnarok’ On PC & More

Before gaming’s biggest conference returns with a slate of summer festivities, PlayStation has kicked off the momentum with its second State of Play event of the year. The rapid-fire showcase, held on 30 / 31 May (depending on region), featured 14 different titles across 30 minutes, offering a tease of what’s to come for fans of the brand.

Here’s a recap of the biggest announcements and trailers revealed during the event, from fresh looks at upcoming titles like Monster Hunter Wilds and the Silent Hill 2 remake to news of a PC port for God of War Ragnarok.

Astro Bot gears up for a new outing

The ever-adorable Astro Bot is embarking on a new adventure. Team Asobi announced a 6 September release for Astro Bot, the sequel to the 2020’s Astro’s Playroom, alongside a charming trailer that showed off forests, sandy beaches, volcanos, and other new environments. The PlayStation 5-exclusive features over 80 levels spanning six galaxies, and like its predecessor, will pay tribute to PlayStation history with robots that inherit the looks of characters from existing franchises.

Silent Hill 2 Remake revisits familiar horrors this October

Excitement has been building for Bloober Team’s remake of horror classic Silent Hill 2, and it’s only going to rise. The upcoming game is set to release on 8 October for PC and PS5, with a new trailer highlighting its combat flair through a fight sequence between protagonist James Sunderland and Abstract Daddy.

Monster Hunter Wilds goes, well, wild in first trailer

Monster Hunter Wilds was unveiled last year as the follow-up to the wildly-popular Monster Hunter World (pun intended), and more details have surfaced after a near six-month wait. The debut trailer for the title offers a quick look at the free-flowing combat, exploration, and some new beasts in a setting that Capcom describes as “a living world”. An exact release date has yet to be firmed up, but it’s due for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC sometime in 2025.

God of War Ragnarok heads to PC

It’s been an open secret for a while now, but Sony has confirmed that God of War Ragnarok will come to PC on 19 September. It ships with the Valhalla DLC and a host of PC-focused features like ultrawide support, unlocked frame rates, and support for DLSS and FSR supersampling tech. There’s a catch, though — users will have to link their PlayStation Network (PSN) account in order to play the PC version.

Dynasty Warriors: Origins returns in 2025

Welcome back, Dynasty Warriors! Omega Force returns with Dynasty Warriors: Origins for 2025, and it’s got all the trademarks of the musou series, from giant army battles to mowing down hordes of enemies musou-style. Not much else is known about it, however.

Until Dawn remake shows off visual enhancements

Another day, another horror remake. Interactive slasher title Until Dawn is getting a remake nearly 10 years after its debut, showing off its polished visuals in a new trailer. Developer Ballistic Moon hasn’t locked onto a firm release date, but the game is slated to arrive on PC and PS5 sometime this fall.

Marvel Rivals gets closed beta for July

Marvel Rivals is Marvel and NetEase Games’ answer to the hero shooter genre that looks to deliver a new spin on the Overwatch formula. Alongside another look at gameplay, the upcoming title was also confirmed to launch on the PS5, with a closed beta test to be held sometime in July.

Alien Rogue Incursion brings VR flair to Xenomorph action

Here’s one for Xenomorph and PS VR2 fans. Marking the newest entry in the iconic horror franchise, Alien Rogue Incursion takes players to the planet Purdan, as they explore the ruins of a crashed spaceship that’s overrun by Xenomorphs. The game is described as a single-player action-horror game with an “all-new storyline,” and will arrive sometime during Holiday 2024.

Path of Exile 2 enters early access in late 2024

Due to enter early access in the late 2024, Path of Exile 2 is set to include couch-co op, crossplay, and cross-progression for the console version. The top-down action RPG will be available across all platforms, with a new trailer flaunting some of its major classes, magical spell selection, and more.

Concord teases highly-anticipated 5v5 chaos

It’s been a long time coming. Concord, the upcoming PvP shooter from Firewalk Studios, enters the fray with a pre-rendered cutscene and detailed new look at its gameplay. Expect lots of big guns, colourful visuals, and a raucous character roster, each with weapons and play styles that caters to different players. The multiplayer title is slated to release on 23 August on PC and PS5, but will first host a beta in July.

Where Winds Meet unleashes dynamic martial arts action

High-octane sword fights take centrestage in this latest trailer for Where Winds Meet. The martial arts adventure game from Everstone Studios is still “in development” with no release date in sight, but there seems to be plenty to get excited about, from fighting various creatures like a giant fish and flaming wooden bird robot to wielding special weapons. Fancy a paper umbrella with throwing blades, anyone?

Ballad of Antara announced as free-to-play action RPG

Ballad of Antara, the upcoming fantasy action RPG from TipWorks and Infold Games, looks plenty mysterious and enigmatic, but a blog post for the game thankfully offers some details. “For this new IP, we set out to create a vast world, both in geological scale and cultural variation. In the normal version of this world, common folk reside,” it reads.

“In another version of the world, peculiar sightings and encounters await. We call this unimaginable part of the world ‘Para.’ Fundamental essences of the living world are taken away and trapped inside the Para from the invasion of an ancient power, and that’s where our story begins.”

It will be free-to-play when it arrives in 2025.

Dress up and explore the world of Infinity Nikki

Exploring the world in style is the name of the game for Infinity Nikki. The vibrant open-world RPG lets players fight big monsters, take pictures, herd sheep, and bathe adorable dogs with the power of their various outfits. No release date has been announced, but beta testing is set to take place sometime between this July and September.

Behemoth is the next VR adventure from Skydance Games

From the developers of The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners comes Behemoth, a PSVR2 title set in an icy, barren wasteland called the Forsaken Lands. The gameplay trailer for the game shows off some hand-to-hand combat, ending off with a giant foot hovering above the player. It releases sometime in October, and will also be avilable on Meta Quest and Steam VR.