PlayStation Lineup Tour Teases More Before Tokyo Game Show 2018

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Ahead of September 20’s Tokyo Game Show, gaming giant Sony PlayStation livestreamed a pre-TGS conference titled PlayStation Lineup Tour, with plenty of new games announcements that were seen for the first time. Here’s a handy roundup of everything that was revealed and shown:

Kingdom Hearts VR Experience

While details are still scarce, the most attractive prospect of this VR entry in the long-running Kingdom Hearts franchise is that you will get to wield your own Keyblade! Several moments from the series were shown off, so it could just be vignettes that are playable in VR.

Samurai Spirits

The news that probably made plenty of retro gamers happy, Samurai Spirits is the latest entry in SNK’s Samurai Showdown series, coming to the PlayStation 4 in 2019. Set in the year 1787, the game features a weapon-based fighting system that looks similar to Street Fighter V, but with more style when it comes to the special moves.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

New footage of the upcoming FROM SOFTWARE title was shown.

Judge Eyes/Project Judge

Coming via the studio that brought us the acclaimed Yakuza series, creator Toshihiro Nagoshi’s latest project appears to be an investigative game that tasks players with solving a series of murders. Coming to Japan in December, Judge Eyes (or Project Judge) will be heading to the West in 2019. A demo for Japan is also available now.

Days Gone

The next big post-apocalyptic action adventure title for PlayStation, Sony Bend’s Days Gone also got a new trailer.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

The acclaimed flight simulator series Ace Combat returns in 2019 with even more high octane action and a VR component.

Project Awakening

Japanese developer Cygames, more well known for the mobile trading card game Shadowverse, announced their cool looking RPG set to come to PlayStation 4.

Left Alive

The world of Front Mission returns with survival shooter Left Alive, which will launch on February 28, 2019 in Japan.

Dead or Alive 6

Fighting game fans got even more to cheer about with the latest footage of Team Ninja’s Dead of Alive 6.

God Eater 3

Bandai Namco continues to support the Monster Hunter-esque God Eater series with this third entry.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered

First seen on the GameCube, the local co-op spin-off of Final Fantasy is heading to the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch some time in 2019, with the addition of online play.

Project Prelude Rune

Studio Istolia is headed by Tales series producer Hideo Baba, and their latest project will be powered by the Unreal Engine. It takes a familiar route of a cel-shaded adventure in a fantasy setting, and a collaboration with Square Enix could spell great things.

Everybody’s Golf VR

We loved Everybody’s Golf, and now we are even more pumped that the golfing series is coming to the VR space in 2019. Time to tee off!

Earth Defense Force Iron Rain

Coming in 2019, the often times hilarious shooter Earth Defense Force gets a extended look at the latest entry in the series.

Gungrave G.O.R.E

Based on the anime, the new game will be heading to Japan in Winter 2019.

Dogfighter: World War 2

A new title coming in Spring 2019, Dogfighter: World War 2 looks set to be the more arcade answer to Ace Combat with its flight system and historically accurate plane designs.

Kill X

Kill or be killed in this terrifying PlayStation VR horror shooter featuring total freedom of movement.

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