‘Persona 2’ Remaster And ‘Persona 4’ Remake Reportedly In The Works At Atlus

It seems Persona 3 Reload won’t be the last remaster fans can expect from the series, as rumours of a Persona 2 remaster and Persona 4 remake have surfaced. According to well-known Japanese insider Midori, Atlus is already revisiting the two older titles, though no other information was revealed.

“Both exist at Atlus,” the Japanese user said on X / Twitter, in response to fan queries about possible remakes of Persona 2 and 4. The claim is corroborated by another reasonably reliable leaker I Am Hero Too, who took to Resetera (with the username Head on the Block) to share a few more snippets of information.

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Purportedly, Persona 2 won’t receive a remake, but a remaster with both games included. Highlighting that the “new translation is the selling point”, the leaker places its release before Persona 6 or the year after on every console, including the next generation of Nintendo Switch and Xbox devices. Meanwhile, the Persona 4 reboot is described to be “years away”.

Contrary to what its name may suggest, there are actually two Persona 2 games. The first, 1999’s Innocent Sin, was originally Japanese-only and later saw a worldwide release, with 2000’s Eternal Punishment only released in Japan and North America. In 2011, Persona 2: Innocent Sin got the remake treatment on the PlayStation Portable, and ended up as one of the worst-rated mainline entries in the franchise on Metacritic.

Persona 2 Remaster Rumour

Midori has long been considered a reliable source for Atlas information, with none of their claims proven inaccurate thus far. Even so, the news should be taken with a grain of salt until an official announcement comes in, which will likely take some time. Having launched Persona 3 Reload, Atlus is now focusing on developing Persona 6 and Metaphor: ReFantazio.