‘Persona 3 Reload’ Becomes Fastest Selling Atlus Game With 1M Sales In First Week

It seems fans just couldn’t wait to conquer Tartarus, as Persona 3 Reload has now become the fastest selling Atlus game in history. The remake of the beloved PlayStation 2 title sold more than one million copies worldwide in its first week, surpassing the likes of Persona 5 Royal and its spin-offs, as well as the Shin Megami Tensai series.


It’s an impressive figure, considering the series took 25 years to sell a total of 15 million copies across all its versions – as announced by Atlus in 2021 during Persona‘s 25th anniversary. For one single entry to achieve one-fifteenth of lifetime sales is no mean feat, and its multi-platform releases on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation certainly helped. Previously, all Persona games were only exclusive to PlayStation platforms.

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This milestone comes after parent company Sega found similar success with Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, which scored the series’ most successful launch on Steam. It saw a peak concurrent player count of 46,161, and achieved one million sales a week after its release.

While Persona 3 Reload includes new scenes, an improved battle system, and quality-of-life features, the remake remains a faithful retelling of the original story. Atlus currently has no plans to release a DLC, although that may change with the success it’s enjoying thus far. A Nintendo Switch version has yet to be announced as well, but game director Takuya Yamaguchi isn’t opposed to the idea.