Parenting Hacks For The Holidays With Xbox And Microsoft!

Growing up is part and parcel of life, and that does not mean you stop doing what you love. For gamers who are also parents, getting the young ones into the ecosystem is both an exciting and daunting task, as the ever-evolving online nature of video games can often cause confusion and issues.

Microsoft and Xbox know that, and they want you to know about the various tips and tricks that can help smoothen the process this holiday season and get you into the fun stuff quicker! Be it digital spending, screen-time, parental controls, and unsuitable content, it can all be controlled with a few tweaks.

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)

No need to pass your credit card details to your child, tracking digital expenses can now be done through direct carrier billing with a telecommunications provider.

With StarHub, your mobile bill can now include details of your Microsoft and Xbox digital store purchases. Alongside monthly spending limits on the service, parents can start ‘responsible digital spending’ discussions with their kids, with password and PIN protection to approve games or game credit each time a transaction is initiated.

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Avoid a shockingly high bill, unknown transactions, and see what your kid is spending on with DCB!

Gift Cards

Gift cards for specific app stores or services will allow consumers to pre-purchase credit, which can then be redeemed against the purchase of digital content. With an Xbox Gift Card, you can get the latest Xbox game, apps and more, all without saving card details or forking out more cash. No additional fees or expiry dates to worry about either, as the digital gift code is valid for purchases across Microsoft Store online, on Windows and on Xbox.

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Microsoft Account Family Center

With the varying experiences available on Xbox Live, it can a hassle trying to monitor everything. With Microsft Account Family Center, you can then customize your child’s experience on both Xbox and Windows 10. Block certain apps, games, websites, add credit to their account, monitor their activity, and even set limits on screen time, it’s all under your control.

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Family Time

Getting everyone together to share in an activity can be hard, so make your life easier with the latest games that the whole family can enjoy! With the Xbox Game Pass (S$14.90 per month), you can gain access to over 100 awesome titles, including Xbox One exclusives on launch day, there is even a free 14-day trial to get you started.

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