Original Ultraman Gets Ultra-rare Limited Edition UNDONE Watches

With an animated Ultraman reboot making its way to Netflix later this year, what better way is there to enjoy the character’s rich legacy than by sporting some snazzy looking Ultraman inspired clothing and accessories?

Custom watch label brand UNDONE is here to answer that question, with the release of their newest UNDONE x ULTRAMAN ‘Color Timer’ Limited Edition Chronograph.

The limited edition watches will come in three different coloured watchfaces– Silver, Black, and White – with only 100 watches sold per colour. As you can tell, the watches are based on the designs of the one true, original Ultraman from the 1966 Tokusatsu TV series.

With the release of their Color Timer watches, UNDONE honours the original Ultraman costume – the main dial features both Ultraman’s iconic red chest pattern, and Colour Timer.

The blue Colour Timer is another signature of Ultraman’s look, with the blue colour signifying that Ultraman’s time limit of three minutes is not up yet. UNDONE hopes to motivate their customers with the Colour Timer, stating that the Colour Timer also represents ‘the power that everyone needs to battle with their inner self’.

Each limited edition UNDONE x ULTRAMAN watch will be individually numbered on the caseback, and the watches will be presented in a dedicated premium watch box.

The UNDONE x ULTRAMAN ‘Color Timer’ Limited Edition Chronographs are priced at US$390 to US$440, depending on the model chosen.

To purchase the limited edition watches, you can head over to their online store here.