One Piece Outfits To Live The Pirate King Life In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

With One Piece being the only surviving member of Shōnen Jump’s Big Three, it’s certainly no surprise that the ongoing manga series remains a popular read. Just like how it never quite seems to end, the reservoir of creativity and inspiration from fans appears to be in abundance as well – if their contributions to Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ fashion collection is anything to go by.

Running a little under 1000 chapters (as of the time of writing), One Piece has introduced many new characters over the years, and it’s inevitable that some have received lesser representation, or become a forgotten memory. That’s not stopping enthusiasts from creating a wide array of character outfits, however, which includes hats, balloon-hem dresses, tank tops, and more.

Here are some One Piece-inspired costumes.


It’s no surprise that fan favourites like Luffy, Law, and Sanji have received more love with several variations of their base outfits, but it’s nice to see the likes of Gladius, Jango, and Katakuri be given some attention as well. In addition to living the life of a Pirate King, you can choose to hop over to one, or a few, of the below crossover universes, where creativity continues to run rampant:

Header image courtesy of Twitter user @korokathi.