Nike’s Upcoming Nintendo 64 Sneakers Is A Fitting Blast From The Past

It seems retro is the way to go now with shoe brands, with Nike releasing ‘80s-inspired sneaker designs themed after the Netflix original, Stranger Things. This time, Nike is releasing another retro-themed shoe with their upcoming Air Max 97, which will come in a colour scheme inspired by the classic gaming console, the Nintendo 64.

Though not officially acknowledged by Nike to be inspired by the Nintendo 64, it is fairly obvious when you consider the overall design of the sneaker. The main body of the shoe is covered in a light grey mesh, to symbolise the system’s controllers, with splashes of green, blue, red, and yellow detailing are worked throughout the shoe to represent the buttons. 

If that is not enough of a nod to the classic gaming console for you, at the heel of the shoe Nika has added a Nintendo-style “Air-Max” logo. At the tongue, you will also be able to see “Power” and “Reset” buttons, similar to the Nintendo 64. Nike has also added a special graphic on the insole of the shoe, made to resemble the ESRB rating symbol found on video game packagings of that time. The beauty really is in the details with this Air Max 97.

Here are some official photos of the soon-to-be-released sneakers.

Nike has yet to announce a release date for the shoes but we do know that they will be retailing at US$160.