The Pokémon Sword And Shield Double Pack Features Dynamax Larvitar & Jangmo-o As Exclusives

What would be a new Pokémon game without exclusive Pokémon? It appears that fans who purchase the Pokémon Sword And Shield Double Pack will be able to get a pair of codes that will net you the Dynamax versions of Larvitar and Jangmo-o.


What these codes do is produce a special Dynamax Crystal that, when used in game, will trigger a special Max Raid Battle featuring these two Pokémon. For those not familiar with these two Pokémon, Larvitar hails from Generation II, in the heyday of Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal, whereas Jangmo-o is from Generation VII, a.k.a Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Dynamax Larvitar

Of course, these codes are exclusives to each game, with the one for Dynamax Larvitar excluside to Pokémon Shield, while the one that spawns Dynamax Jangmo-o to be in Pokémon Sword. But if you’re getting both games for yourself, you’re effectively getting two really rare Pokémon that can only be typically found late in the game.

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These two Pokémon are pretty sought out by Trainers in general, due to their powerful final evolutions. The Dark/Rock-type Tyranitar is the final evolution for Larvitar, and the Dragon/Fighting-type Kommo-o is Jangmo-o’s final form. For Pokémon metagamers, these two are certainly worthy additions to any competitive lineup.

Again, as a reminder, the Pokémon Sword And Shield Double Pack will come in a shiny Steelbook case, aside from Dynamax Larvitar and Dynamax Jangmo-o.

Pre-orders for the Pokémon Sword And Shield Double Pack, as well as other editions of it, are available now, ahead of its November 15 worldwide release.

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