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New Star Wars Saga Might Begin With A Video Game

Whether you are loving the latest trilogy of Star Wars films or just not that big a fan, there is no doubting that the franchise taking a break following The Rise of Skywalker will leave a huge void in entertainment.

Fans eagerly speculating about where the space opera will head next may not need to look too far, as a video game might actually hold the answers.

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Reported by Ziro and then corroborated by MakingStarWars, the next set of films, with Project Luminous as the codename, will kick things off with a game set in the High Republic era with “Jedi exploring the unknown regions.” While these remain rumours, MakingStarWars does have a decent track record when it comes to leaks.

With Respawn Entertainment giving us the enjoyable Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, it will likely be EA Motive who will take up the mantle of this new endeavour. Perhaps we can all look forward to a Star Wars adventure on the next generation of PS5 and Xbox Series X for our galactic fix.

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