New Photos Online Gives Us A Glimpse Of Universal Studios Japan's Upcoming Super Nintendo World

New Photos Online Gives Us A Glimpse Of Universal Studios Japan’s Upcoming Super Nintendo World

Ever since it’s been announced back in June 2017, fans have been excitedly waiting for more information about the upcoming Super Nintendo World Theme Park in Universal Studios Japan. Quite a while later, in July 2019, we finally got a look at how the theme park will roughly look like courtesy of photos leaked by the Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast.

Now, we finally get a real-life glimpse of the awesome new addition to Universal Studios Japan. 

In a tweet by @LCASTUDIOS_USJ, we see a block of terrain peeping over the walls of the theme park’s Waterworld live show stage. 

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For fans of Nintendo and Super Mario in particular, it is clear from a glance that the block, with all it’s layering, has a strong Super Mario aesthetic. In fact, let’s compare it to the mockups released in July earlier this year.

We might only be seeing a tiny section of the theme park for now but so far, the similarity is astounding. 

While there are no concrete details on the rides that will be featured in Super Nintendo World, rumour has it that there will be a Yoshi ride, and a Donkey Kong ride. The new land will be akin to stepping into a real-life Nintendo video game. 

Super Nintendo World is also rumoured to be opening just in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 

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