More Photos Of The Super Nintendo World In Japan Leaked Online

This one’s been a long time coming for Nintendo fans and gamers everywhere. For a long time now, we’ve known that the new Super Nintendo World is set to take the world by storm after a partnership between Nintendo and Universal Parks was struck way back in 2016.

As we draw closer to the inaugural launch of the Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios, recent photo leaks reveal what look to be some of the rides we can expect to see in its first iteration, in Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, to be like.


The photo leaks you see here are courtesy of the folks at the Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast. According to them, the photos were circa 2016, so naturally, there will be changes that have occurred over the past three years.

Regardless, the rides in this mockup look rather epic. From the ominous Bowser’s Castle in the background, to a Toadstool cafe, there seems to be oodles of rides that hopefully will be all available once it launches.

Another rather popular speculation that has been circulating around the Internet is a potential Mario Kart ride, after a Dynamic Attractions (the folks who engineer theme park rides) patent featuring drifting in a theme park ride was leaked in 2018.

The ever-popular game has been a mainstay in gamers’ consoles over the last few generations, so this will no doubt be a really popular ride if it is an actuality.

The first Super Nintendo World looks to be launched sometime in 2020, possibly before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This was heavily hinted in Nintendo’s March 2019 financial report.

The Super Nintendo World, of course, won’t be solely limited to Japan. At some point in the future, fans of Nintendo’s beloved IPs will be able to enjoy it in the Universal Studios theme parks in other countries, such as the United States and Singapore.